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Vertigo is a type of dizziness that specifically involves the room spinning or a person feeling like he or she is spinning. It is usually a sign of something wrong with the vestibular system, the body’s means of maintaining balance and equilibrium. This includes the inner ear and the vestibular nerve that helps communicate the body’s position to the brain.

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What Causes Vertigo?

Several conditions have been linked to vertigo as a symptom. These include:

  • Meniere’s disease – Symptoms of Meniere’s are vertigo, a feeling of fullness in the ear, and tinnitus. Left untreated, Meniere’s can result in permanent hearing damage.
  • Ear infections – An ear infection can cause vertigo. Generally, vertigo should clear up when the infection is gone.
  • Multiple sclerosis – MS often begins with vision problems, but vertigo is a symptom as the condition progresses.
  • Blood flow problems – If not enough blood is getting to the brainstem, brain-body communication is partially disrupted, and vertigo can occur.
  • Head or neck trauma – Vertigo may follow injuries to the head or neck area and is often considered a symptom of post-concussion syndrome or whiplash.

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A Natural Vertigo Treatment

One thing you may notice about those vertigo causing conditions is that almost all of them have to do with the brain and the brainstem in particular. Head or neck trauma can cause a misalignment of the C1 vertebra which protects the brainstem. A misaligned C1 (atlas) can result in pressure on the brainstem and miscommunications in the body. It can also restrict the flow of blood and cerebrospinal fluid. All of these are factors in vertigo.

At Upper Cervical Chiropractic of Sioux Falls, we use the Blair technique to diagnose and correct atlas misalignments. In turn, the adjustment helps relieve symptoms being caused by the misalignment, such as vertigo. For more information on this natural option for vertigo sufferers, please schedule a consult.

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