Do you experience headaches that began following a traumatic event such as an accident or injury involving a concussion or whiplash? If so, your headaches may be a result of the injury suffered. But that doesn’t mean you have to learn to live with them. Let’s take a look at how such an injury can lead to headaches and what you can do about it.

Why Injuries to the Head or Neck Can Lead to Headaches

A head injury, especially a concussion, can result in long-term effects. This is because the head sits above the C1 vertebrae, also called the atlas. Any injury to the head can result in the atlas shifting out of alignment. When this occurs, the conditions can be created for headaches to occur.

For example, the atlas is meant to protect the brainstem right where it connects to the spinal cord. A misaligned atlas can place pressure on the brainstem. It can also affect blood flow to the brain, another common factor in headaches. Cerebrospinal fluid flow may be restricted. When proper drainage is interrupted, pressure builds up in the brain or spinal cord, and this can cause head pain as well.

Headaches are not the only symptom of a misaligned atlas. Injuries can have far-reaching effects that may arise a decade or more later. Is there any good news?

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A Case Study Gives Headache Suffers Hope

A case study was performed and published along with a summary of 100 other studies. These 101 headache case studies show that getting the atlas back into proper alignment may play a key role in combating headaches. In fact, every patient in the 101 cases saw a reduction in head pain as a result of upper cervical chiropractic, and 87 of the patients had no more head pain after care.

Another common factor among the patients was that 86 of them had injuries prior to their head pain. These patients saw the best results overall. If you are experiencing head pain after a head or neck injury, why not give upper cervical chiropractic a try. You may get the natural relief you’ve been searching for.


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