migraines in children, migraine relief in Sioux Falls

Are you looking after a child or teenager who frequently complains about pulsating headaches? Do you often find yourself frantically looking for a way to help diminish the pain and discomfort? Have you seen very little help from migraine remedies? Are you worried that your young loved one’s migraines will only get worse over time?

Surely enough, dealing with migraine episodes can be worrisome and frustrating. Now imagine how hard that could be for someone who doesn’t understand much about health or disorders like migraine headaches. Your child or teenage kid might be struggling to express the symptoms he or she feels, making it all the more crucial to find an effective option for migraine relief in Sioux Falls.


At What Age Can Children Have Migraines?

An estimated 39 million people in the US alone are living with migraines. However, the actual number may probably be higher due to many people not getting a proper diagnosis or seeking relief. Notably, this sizable population left out in some reports might include children and teens. 

If your child or teen has been complaining about frequent headaches, the possibilities may vary, but they can be suffering from migraines. It’s important not to undermine such complaints and understand the signs and symptoms to get them the help they need. 

An estimated 10% of kids aged five (5) to 15 years old develop this condition, and about 28% of teenagers experience migraine episodes. About half of the people who get migraines in their adulthood experience their first attack before age 12. Migraines have been reported in toddlers are young as 18 months.

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Warning Signs of Migraines in Children

Some migraine signs in children are similar to adults. So keep an eye on the following symptoms from your children who often experience head pain:

  • Abdominal pain
  • Dizziness
  • Mood swings
  • Nausea
  • Oversensitivity to sound, light, touch, and certain smells
  • Throbbing or pounding headache
  • Vomiting

Kids may also exhibit mood swings such as irritability or restlessness, fatigue, confusion, and difficulty concentrating or speaking clearly. These symptoms may be difficult to associate with migraine immediately as they can be common among children and teens who overexert themselves when playing. But parents need to pay attention if their child is displaying multiple signs quite often, as this could indicate ongoing pain and discomfort due to migraine.


The link between upper cervical misalignment and migraine

There is a known connection between migraines and an upper cervical misalignment where your C1 or C2 bones shift out of their proper alignment. These bones support the weight of your head and protect your brainstem, and if it’s misaligned, it can result in migraine episodes. Misalignments can happen to anyone, both children and adults. 

Due to the flexibility and location of these bones, they can move in different directions hence the high chance of them shifting out of alignment. Some of the usual causes of atlas bone subluxation in children (that may impact health until adulthood) include the following:

  • Getting injured from falling off a swing, Merry-go-round, or seesaws
  • Childbirth complications (common in breech delivery
  • Physical abuse from bullies or other adults
  • Neck or head trauma from car collision or contact sports

The postural imbalance along the neck can put excessive stress and pressure on the brainstem, leading to its malfunction. Once it malfunctions, it can affect the entire process and function of the central nervous system(CNS) due to the brainstem being an integral part of your CNS.

Misalignments are usually a result of injuries or physical trauma, repetitive stress on the area, or poor posture. Upper cervical chiropractic care is a known natural and non-invasive method that corrects the misalignment and delivers promising results, including reduced episodes of debilitating migraine.

migraines in children, migraine relief in Sioux Falls

Help Your Child Enjoy Childhood with Our Effective Source of Migraine Relief In Sioux Falls

When pain becomes unbearable for your child, medications may be necessary for immediate relief. But addressing the root cause of your child’s migraine is the best course of action you can take for lasting relief. For example, if a misalignment in the upper spine is the culprit for your child’s migraine episodes, it’s possible to find relief through natural methods such as upper cervical care. This natural method is generally safe for adults and children alike.

An upper cervical chiropractor, like Dr. Weerheim will thoroughly examine your child’s condition by understanding the health history and using imaging tools to gauge misalignment in the atlas and axis bones. Once Dr. Weerheim has all the necessary information, he can plan and recommend a series of gentle adjustments to adjust the bones and return them to their proper positions. 

The adjustment is expected to hold for a long time, which can help reduce the chances of recurrence of the symptoms and help the body get started with its natural healing and restoration. Once the spine’s alignment and balance get restored, your child’s brain and body can communicate adequately again, and the nervous system will function optimally. 

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