Do you suffer from neck pain occasionally, or has it become so unbearable that it’s disrupting your life? Sometimes severe neck pain can bring impaired mobility and other symptoms. However, if you don’t understand the reason behind your pain, you may eventually deal with the frustrations of seeking relief for this persistent problem.

Understanding what’s causing your neck pain can help you cope better. Below are some neck pain facts from a trusted Sioux Falls Upper Cervical Chiropractor. Continue reading to learn more about your condition to help plan your next steps.

Understanding Neck Pain

The optimal alignment and balance of your spine are restored through precise adjustments on your upper cervical spine. This can help lessen painful symptoms over time. If you want to experience how upper cervical chiropractic works for your neck pain, visit our Sioux Falls office. You can schedule your appointment in advance to avoid waiting by calling 605-250-2024 or using this form.

We can help ease your neck pain by addressing the underlying cause. Call us today!

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