Vertigo is common health condition that results in the feeling that the room is spinning. For those over 40, approximately 40% will have at least one bout with vertigo, and some will experience ongoing issues. Here are a few things you may be surprised to learn about vertigo.

Vertigo Facts

  1. It Could Be a Vitamin Deficiency – Some research has linked a deficiency of B12 to dizziness. Supplementing is a quick fix that many miss. A simple blood test can show if a person is deficient in this vitamin.
  2. It Can Also Be a Symptom of Something More Serious – Even though vertigo is considered non-dangerous, it could potentially be a symptom of something worse like heart disease. If your vertigo is combined with other heart disease symptoms, it should be taken seriously.
  3. It Could Be Migraines – Vestibular migraines can cause vertigo and may not always include a throbbing headache.
  4. Some Medications Cause Vertigo – Some prescription drugs, including many prescribed for hypertension, have vertigo as a side effect.
  5. Anxiety May Affect Vertigo – This could be why people who are afraid of heights often say they get vertigo when looking down from high up. There isn’t much research to explain the connection between anxiety and vertigo, but those with anxiety disorders tend to be more prone to this condition.
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Upper Cervical Care for Vertigo

At Upper Cervical of Sioux Falls, we take a natural approach to relieving vertigo. We avoid prescription medications that can cause spinning as a side effect, and attempt to assist in overall health so that our patients take fewer medications in general. Vertigo that is a symptom of migraines may be the result of an underlying misalignment in the upper cervical spine. In fact, many of the causes of vertigo are addressed by upper cervical chiropractic.

We use the Blair technique, a specific and gentle form of chiropractic, to relieve upper cervical subluxations. If you are experiencing vertigo, an adjustment may be just what you need to attain natural and drug-free relief.


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