Migraines can be debilitating for those who suffer from them. It is important to know as much information as possible in order to find the best way to cope with the pain. There are some little-known facts about migraines that it is important to be aware of. Let’s take a look at two of these.

#1: Migraines Increase the Risk of Suicide

Dr. Dawn Buse who works at Montefiore Center in NY as a health psychologist discovered a connection between depression and migraines. It is well-known that depression can lead to suicide. However, a person who has migraines and experiences an aura or other sensory problems before a head pain hits can be at a greater risk for suicide. This may be due to the unbearable pain that comes along with head pain that lead to a degradation of life quality, leading to chronic depression.

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#2: Medication Should Not Always Be Taken for Migraines

While many look to medication as their first line of defense when a head pain hits, this may not be the best route to take. Medication can help temporarily; however, too much medication can lead to a worse or more intense migraine called a rebound or medication overuse headache. Anything from over-the-counter pain relievers to triptans prescribed by one’s doctor can cause these headaches if they are taken too often. The general rule is not to take anything more than twice a week. also.

Natural Migraine Relief

Here at our Sioux Falls, South Dakota office, we examine our patients to help them determine where their migraines are originating from. It is often from a misalignment of one of the top bones of the neck – either the C1 or C2 vertebra. This type of misalignment places pressure on the brainstem and causes it to send improper signals to the brain. We use a gentle form of upper cervical chiropractic to correct the problem, and this may be the answer to head pain. Once the body is back to functioning at its peak, head pain may decrease or even go away entirely.


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